Larger sized water treatment system MI-220

Reliable partner in various industries where water is indispensable

High energized clean water
for your customers in various occasions
• Restaurant Business : Coffeehouse, Bar, Restaurant, Cooking class
• Food Processing Industry : Refreshing drinks, Bakery
• Dyeing Industry : Dyeing thread and cloth, Dyes solution, Rinsing
• Supermarket & Store : Fishes, Vegetables, Fruits, Meats
• Barber & Beauty Salon Business : Barber, Beauty salon, Aesthetic salon, Laundry
Capacity* :
700,000 liters
Size of body :
220 mmφ x 1260 mm
Weight :
59 kg
Pipe :
25A, 50A
Flow :
40 liters/min. at 0.3MPa
Capacity to resist pressure :
Less than 1MPa
(Including water hammer)
Material :
SUS 304 / Body, Side arm
Brass / valves
(only for 25A pipe) :
π Rotary plate
Water meter
*Capacity : for chlorine removal of 0.7 ppm (performance inspected by Japanese standard tap water)
Inner filtering materials may be changed for the purposes.