Privacy policy

IBE Techno Co.,Ltd. lays down the policy to protect customer's personal information that will lead and distinguish the specific persona such as name, address, e-mail address, telephone numbers, etc. below stated and will construct proper system inside of the company to maintain and improve the protection of personal information.

Article 1  Registration of personal information and purposes to use

  • We will collect customer's personal information in inquiry of our web site and other occasions.
  • We will use the personal information only for purpose below stated except for the previous consent with customers. Provided that the laws and regulations require and that there is fare reason for us to release the information, this clause will not apply.
    • To use as materials to improve the services for the customers
    • To use for the confirmation and settlement of orders in dealing between us and customers and to perform the said deal properly
    • To use as data for development and marketing of our products
    • To contact and introduce about our products and services

Article 2  Management of personal information

  • We manage personal information registered by customers properly and will try every right steps to prevent from leakage, loss, and/or defame of the personal information.
  • We will try to keep customers' personal information correct and the newest in required range to execute the purposes to use provided in Article 1.
  • In cases that customers require to release, revise, delete and so on about their own personal information through “contact us" form, we will make prompt correspondence in reasonable manner and time.

Article 3  Disclosure of personal information to the third parties

  • We will not disclosure nor provide personal information of our customers except for the case in advanced consent with customers. We, however, may reveal and /or provide it in needs to attain said purposes to uses only in cases of mentioned below.
    • In case of reveal and/or provide to our entrusted companies and distributors for providing products and services to the customers
    • In case of authorities' needs for our cooperation to perform their legal works
    • In cases of requirements by regulations
  • We will have responsibility to bear the same obligation for the customers' personal information as we have and make obey for the third parties and groups to reveal and/or provide it according to previous clause (i).

Article 4  Improvement

We will follow laws and ordinances regarding protection of personal information and will try to maintain and improve protection and dealing of personal information mentioned in above articles.

Article 5  Immunity

We will not take any responsibility for the customers about wrong personal information based upon falsehoods.

Last update : July, 2011

Privacy policy