Users' voices

Users' voices to agricultural materials

In my kitchen garden (54-year-old female)

I grow many vegetables without chemicals with "Super AKANE" in my kitchen garden. I am enjoying the original good tastes of crops more than before.

Indispensable for rice cultivation (65-year-old male)

I am a farmer and producing rice. After using "Super AKANE" I see the better growth of the rice plants and the rice tastes sweeter. In the inspection for the sugar content the officer was surprised and asked me "what are you using?"

Sweet tastes (60-year-old male)

I use "Super AKANE" in my field. The soil became soft and the crops taste sweeter than before. I am glad to have sweeter corn!

Big vegetables (44-year-old female)

My mother recommended me to use "Super AKANE". I grow a lot of big vegetables in my kitchen garden now.

No offensive smells and easy to use (80-year-old female)

I use "OHAYOUSAN" to flowers in planters and trees in the garden. It has no bad smells and is easy to use.

Fresh beautiful plants make me happy. (44-year-old female)

Plants in my house have been fresh since use of "Super AKANE". I am very happy to see the beautiful colors of the trees in the garden.

For flowers and fruit trees (73-year-old female)

I did not like chemical fertilizers and began to use "Super AKANE". Then the roots of vegetables became healthy and do not decay easily. Now I use it for flowers and fruit trees.

Flowers keep for a long time. (46-year-old female)

I use "Super AKANE" in planters in the veranda of my condominium. I am glad to have the flowers for long time.