Users' voices

Users' voices to π-MICRO SERIES

Face care

Good penetration of water into the skin. (35-year-old female)

I feel good when spraying "π-MICRO WATER." The water is absorbed quickly and well into the skin.

Not only for the face but for the whole body and the hair (36-year-old female)

I use "π-MICRO WATER" to the face, body and hair. Spraying is easy to use after taking a bath.

My son has very sensitive skin. He likes it. (50-year-old female)

My son uses "π-MICRO WATER" for the whole body. Though he has sensitive skin, the condition has been very good since he began to use it.

Dirt can be removed easily. (45-year-old female)

I like "π-MICRO CLEANSING." It is easy to remove dirt and even eye makeup. I feel smooth after rinsing.

Excellent silky touch! (61-year-old female)

"π-MICRO FACIAL FOAM" contains plants oil and its fine foam cleans all dirt from the pores. I like the smooth silky touch.

Better finish of the makeup (65-year-old female)

I feel "π-MICRO COM" changes the condition of the skin next morning. The skin will be better and I can makeup better.

Cream for the whole body is good and reasonable. (38-year-old female)

"π-MICRO FRIENDS" is useful. It can be used not only for the face but also for the neck and body.

Hair care

Soft and light finish by "π-MICRO WATER" (74-year-old female)

Spraying plenty "π-MICRO WATER" after shampoo makes it easy to set the hair in the next morning.

Returned to the youthful hair (50-year-old female)

My beautician says that my hair has returned firm and healthy like in the young period since I began to use "π-MICRO SHAMPOO" and "TREATMENT." I am glad that it is easier to set and I do not need extra product to set the hair anymore.

Covering damages of hair dye (61-year-old female)

My dyeing hair finishes smooth and soft after using "π-MICRO SHAMPOO." It should be a good protection against damages caused by hair dye.

I have no stimuli with "HAIR MIGHTY." (34-year-old female)

I use "π-MICRO HAIR MIGHTY" before dyeing the hair. I do not feel any stimuli by the coloring agents and even I feel refreshed.

Dandruff was reduced. (43-year-old female)

"π-MICRO SHAMPOO" and "TREATMENT" reduced the dandruff. And I am glad that bad smells of the scalp was removed.

Thanks to "π-MICRO SUTOHKU," it became easy to set the hair. (61-year-old female)

I am an owner of a beauty salon. My favorite is "π-MICRO SUTOHKU" because it is easy to set the hair with it. My customers' reactions tell they also like it.

Top of the hair keeps the volume. (58-year-old female)

As growing older, I lost volume of the hair on the top. "π-MICRO SUTOHKU" makes the hair firm and I can keep the top volume during my going out.

My trouble is too much hard hair. (49-year-old female)

My hair is hard and frizzy. I am glad that "π-MICRO SUTOHKU" reduces the volume.

No standing the hair up (45-year-old female)

Applying "π-MICRO SUTOHKU" at night, the hair will not curl the wrong way during sleeping.

Body care

No more worries for dryness or dark skin (58-years-old female)

Thanks for "π-MICRO BODY SOAP," I do not care for dryness after bathing and darkened skin anymore.

Safe for the sensitive skin. All family members use it. (39-year-old female)

All my family likes "π-MICRO BODY SOAP." It is good for the sensitive skin of my children.

Heels become soft and smooth. (31-year-old female)

I use "π-MICRO SUTOHKU" for the areas that need special care against dryness in the whole body. Especially the heel became soft and smooth.

I use it in my beauty-treatment clinic. (45-year-old female)

I am managing a beauty-treatment clinic. "π-MICRO SUTOHKU" is not sticky and absorbed into the skin quickly. So you do not need to wipe it off after treatment.

No smell (73-year-old female)

I like "π-MICRO SUTOHKU" because it has no smell.

My grandson's smooth skin (65-year-old female)

"π-MICRO GEL" changed my grandson's skin to soft and smooth. It is very effective.