Soil conditioner Super AKANE Functions and effects

Stable growth and the better yield with Super AKANE Functions and effects of Super AKANE

Improvement of soil in short period

Formation of humus soil will be enhanced. Good structure of soil shall be made and the power of soil will be improved in short period.

Protection crops from damages

The properties of soil such as keeping water, draining water, and aeration will be improved. Damages for crops by high density of fertilizer and salt in soil shall be avoided.

Endurable against insects causing damages and unseasonable weather

Soil will be improved to make good environment for producing crops even in troubles of insects, heavy rain, low temperature, and lack of sunshine.

Stable yield

Roots will grow firmly so that the plants themselves grow healthy from their early phase to the crop season. Troubles caused by continuous planting shall be disappeared year by year and finally the yield will increase.

Enhancing growth of roots

Improving the soil enhances roots' growth.

※It is necessary to observe carefully and add proper manure or fertilizer, especially nitrogen must be put more than usual.

Good ripening

Paddy plants with strong stems will not fail. Good crops will be expected.

Better quality of crops

Tastes of fruits and vegetables shall be improved. Excellent quality of crops of the sweeter taste and longer shelf life is expected.

Comparison of onion cells by electron microscope

After using "AKANE" the cells of onion became healthy and the size of those is smaller.