Users' voices

Users' voices to health drink High Energy π-Waters (HEPW)

I drink every morning. (44-year-old female)

My mother recommended me to drink it in miso soups and vegetable juice in the morning. It helps my keeping good health.

My son drinks HEPW in milk. (40-year-old female)

Everyone in my family drinks every day. We always put HEPW into water, milk, coffee, tea and any other drinks.

For keeping good health of my family (40-year-old male)

All my family drinks HEPW three times per day.

At lunch time in my office (32-year-old female)

I drink HEPW at lunch time. It is my energy supplement for the work in the afternoon.

It supports my exhausting days. (71-year-old female)

I work as a nursing care helper. It is quite exhaustive days with night duty. I always carry water with HEPW in a bottle. My grandson who goes to kindergarten also likes the "drops."

I use it in cooking. (50-year-old female)

I keep HEPW in the kitchen. I put some drops of it with other seasonings.

Small bottle is good for carrying. (51-year-old male)

I like its easy way to add some drops into drinks. Small bottle is also convenient. I always carry 500ml bottled drink with 20 drops of HEPW.

I like the mild taste. (59-year-old female)

I like the taste. It won't be a disturbance of original tastes of drinks.

With Pikamin (39-year-old male)

I put HEPW to "Pikamin," a healthy drink of three kinds of vinegar. I will not get tired easily.

Before and after sports (49-year-old female)

I drink HEPW before and after sports to maintain the physical condition.