Larger sized water treatment system AQUA π-503

Professional uses in various fields and easy replacement of the filters

If you want to have high energized water not only for drinking and cooking in the kitchen but for everything in domestic uses like cleaning, taking a bath, brushing the teeth, watering flowers in the garden, and washing your cars, etc., the answer is AQUA-π503.
The capacity of treating water is large enough and the replacing filter is easy.

AQUA-π503 is also used by various fields such as restaurants, beauty salons, hospitals, food manufacturers, hotels, supermarkets, breeding business, and etc. Many professionals are satisfied with the water and the capacity.

Capacity* :
400,000 liters
Size of body :
165 mmφ x 915 mm
Weight :
21.0 kg
Pipe :
25A (1" inner diameter)
Flow :
40 liters/min. at 0.3MPa
Capacity to resist pressure :
Less than 1MPa
(Including water hammer)
Material :
SUS 304/ Body, valves,
*Capacity : for chlorine removal of 0.7 ppm (performance inspected by Japanese standard tap water)