Users' voices

Users' voices to daily necessities

Removing bacterium from all things (73-year-old female)

I use "π-clean" to remove bacterium from cutting boards in my kitchen and from hands. I always use it to anywhere I want to keep clean like toilets, shoes boxes, slippers, etc.

Safe with natural ingredients (32-year-old female)

I work in a kindergarten and use "π-clean" there. It is very good and safe because all ingredients are natural. It can be used anywhere to remove bacterium and smells.

For removing bad smells of clothes and underwear (44-year-old female)

I use "π-clean" as a deodorizer. Spraying to clothes and underwear prevents bad smells. It is useful in seasons when I have to care for smell of sweat.

Drying clothes in a room have no smells. (51-year-old male)

After washing clothes I spray "π-clean" to them. No smells from them even dried in a room. It is also effective to remove the smells after grilling fish.

No smell from air conditioner in my car (44-year-old female)

I use "π-clean" to the air conditioner in my car. When I spray it, no bad smells come out. It is very good especially in rainy season.

"π-clean" to my pet (40-year-old female)

I spray "π-clean" direct to my pet because I know it is safe. The offensive smells disappeared.

Easy rinsing with "Piâge" (80-year-old female)

I use "Piâge" for washing clothes. It is easy to wash foams off. I can save time and water with it.

Fluffy finished towels (50-year-old female)

Washing with "Piâge" finishes towels fluffily.

I have rough, dry skin but I can use "π-wash." (38-year-old female)

I make "π-wash" with "π-clean" and "Piâge" and I use it for washing tableware. As I have sensitive skin and always trouble with usual detergents. But I can use "π-wash" without troubles.

I use it because no surfactants contained (46-year-old female)

I chose "π-FRESH" because it does not contain any surfactants. All my family uses it. Thanks to "π-FRESH", I don't have to go dentist so often.

Eating after use, the taste of food will not change. (44-year-old female)

I was so surprised that the taste of food will not change after brushing with "π-FRESH." I like not too much foams. I feel refreshed after brushing the teeth.