Users' voices

Users' voices to π-water treatment systems

I like this water as drinking water. (30-year-old female)

It is easy to drink and tastes good. We can drink many glasses of this water. All my family likes this water.

In preparation of fish. Offensive smell of fish is removed. (74-year-old female)

Before cooking soak fish into Pi-water for a couple of minutes. Then the fishy smells will be removed and hands will not smell fishy after cooking them.

Good for washing and soaking vegetables. (51-year- old female)

After soaking vegetables for 5-20 minutes, bitter tastes are removed and the tastes become better.

Steamed rice finishes more lustrous. (38-year-old female)

Rice will absorb PI-water enough and the taste of cooked rice is sweet and soft and has good stickiness.

The taste of meat will be milder. (69- year-old female)

I began to use the water system because I hate bad smell of tap water. If you soak meat in the water for a few minutes, they will become soft and the taste will be better.

Whiskey and π-water tastes good! (57-year-old male)

I enjoy drinking whiskey with PI-water. I do not have a hangover.

Coffee and tea become smooth. (35-year-old female)

Acid taste and stimulation of coffee are reduced and the taste becomes milder.

Good for washing skin of pets. (45-years-old pet salon owner)

I use this water for rinsing shampoo and treatment for pets whose skins are sensitive. Offensive smells are removed and the furs finish very well.

Bad smells of dish towels disappears and cutting boards will be cleaned. (40-year-old female)

Soaking dish towels in the water overnight removes bad smells. Black dirt and scales on cutting boards were removed and mold will not occur.

Daily use for washing clothes. (50-year-old female)

I am glad I don't suffer from chapping hands in winter. The clothes are finished soft.

Flowers and plants are kept longer. (51-year-old female)

Plants are very healthy. Water in fish tank is also PI-water.