Multipurpose detergent concentrate Piâge

Main ingredients are plants.

Low materials to dissolve dirt in Piâge are pine oil, water of natural fruits, and π-water. So it is gentle to the sensitive skin and you can use it for washing hands.
Piâge is easily soluble to water and the waste water is decomposed better and earlier. Drained water will clean pipes and odors from pipe shall be removed.
Piâge is good for various uses such as washing clothes and table wears, cleaning and so on.

Package :
1L bottle with a measuring bottle
1L plastic bag (refill)
Ingredients :
Potassium fatty acid originated from pine nuts (pure soap), Lauramido propyleamine oxide originated from natural palm oil (surfactant), Orange oil, Water
Usage :
Use after dilution for purposes
Machine laundry : 2 pushes of pump (6ml) to 30 liters of water
4 pushes of pump (12ml) to 60 liters of water
Washing tableware : 10 times dilution
Usable for washing machine
Oily dirt, kitchenware, ventilator fans : 5 times dilution
Bath-tub, toilet : 10-15 times dilution
Furniture, car : 10-15 times dilution