PINESS (πness)

The advanced High Energy π-water PINESS (πness)

Mix a few drops into your favorite drink for your health.

PINESS(πness) is a health drink developed by π-water system. Add several drops in beverages such as drinking water, coffee, juice, alcohol and etc. PINESS(πness) contains fulvic acid extract (humic substance solution). Fulvic acid extract is a substance composed from minerals, vitamins and enzymes in good balance and some health benefits are expected.
There are no strict rules for the way and amount you drink. Please drink it as you like.

How to use

Squeeze the bottle to have a few drops of PINESS into one cup(approx.200ml) of drinking water, coffee, tea, fruit juice and any alcoholic/non alcoholic beverages.

One bottle contains 360 drops on average.

Preservatives-free. Additives-free. Chemicals-free.
Keep in cool and dark place.
Recommended to consume within two months after opening the cap.

Three features of high energy π-water

Easy to bring :

Small bottles are convenient to bring with you
in pockets and small bags.

Adjustable amount :

The suitable quantity and taste can be selected
by each person.

Anytime, anywhere :

In the morning, in the daytime, and at night you can drink it. Add some drops to any drinks. As there is no special rule to drink, you can drink it as you like.

Contents :
20ml x 2 bottles/box
Ingredients :
Fulvic acid extract, Water, Salt, Magnesium chloride, Iron