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Light taste is my favorite. (34-year-old female)

I drink "Pikamin" with soda after taking a bath. It tastes plain and good. Drinking "Pikamin" after drinking alcohol will make the next day better.

I like its right sweet and sour taste. (44-year-old female)

Other vinegar based drinks are too strong but I can drink "Pikamin." I will not get tired easily and I feel light.

Good skin condition (29-year-old female)

I drink a glass of "Pikamin" with water before going to bed. I can feel asleep easily and have a pleasant awaking every day. My skin condition improved.

For preparing the good condition before hot summer (42-year-old female)

It is good for prevention against the worn by summer heat. The sweet and sour taste is so nice!

As a seasoning for cooking (73-year-old female)

I became to like vinegared food made of "Pikamin." It tastes mild and good. I enjoy making various dishes with "Pikamin".

Drinking with supper (50-year-old female)

My father drinks shochu, a distilled liquor with "Pikamin" with his supper.

Rice balls with "π-salt" (59-year-old female)

Usual rice balls become delicious food with "π-salt." I also use π-salt for making plum pickles. The moderate sweetness in the salty taste makes fine foods.

For emergency stock (67-year-old male)

Bottled water "Pika Ace" is my reserves for emergency. I feel relief if I have π-water at the crucial moment.