Users' voices

Users' voices to health appliances

I feel quite comfortable. (73-year-old female)

Thanks to "Healer Mat" I do not feel cold and I feel light on the shoulder. It makes me feel relaxed.

It is warm and I enjoy sound sleep. (74-year-old female)

I am using "Healer Mat" when I sleep. I like it because it is warm and I can sleep sound.

To care for the condition after discharging hospital. (57-year-old female)

I think it will be useful to care about my physical condition after releasing from hospital. It should be good because I feel comfortable and can sleep well.

Bring "Healer Pillow" to trips (46-year-old female)

Whenever I make trips, I bring "Healer Pillow" with me.

I feel warm from the marrow. (29-year-old female)

It is so comfortable to feel warm gradually from my bones. I awake every morning after sound sleep.