Healer Mat

Healer Pillow

For fine sleep, fine awaking, and fine day

Inner structure

Size :
580mm x 410mm
Weight :
Approx. 1.1kgs
Cover :
15% of wool and 85% of polyester
Warranty :
one year
Specification may be changed without notice.
Usage :


Nephrite has been used for various items like bedding and ornaments of emperors in ancient China. The special application of π-water system enables to emit far infrared rays that cause resonances to be absorbed well into the human body more effectively.

Jade are classified into two, one is hard jadeite (hardness is 7.0) and the other is soft nephrite (hardness is 6.5). Nephrite has been used as a precious stone in China.
The more the stone contains iron, the deeper the green color is.
Nephrite used for Healer mat is made of natural stone and there will be some irregularities on the surface and colors. The function and effects will be the same.